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Hi, my names Ashley Slingsby and i’m a London based Digital Artist and Retoucher. Lets start by telling you a bit about myself. I’ve had many interests in life – but art was one that was closest to my heart. My problem was no really knowing what sort of art i wanted to create. It wasn’t until i was 17 in my first full time job that i discovered Photoshop 5.5, and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of creative design including retouching.

I learned new techniques in retouching and progressed into making better more technical art. I started obsessing over art websites, learning as much as can, watching and getting inspired from other designers and retouchers i worked with. I would start working on photoshop, morning, day and night, and almost 9 years later i’m still living my dream of a digital artist and a high end retoucher, putting what’s in my head on screen, and I try to go that extra mile to better every new piece i do both technically and creatively.

I’ve never lost faith in my goals, i knew that I would always have a career in photography and art, and nothing can replace the feeling you get when you look back and be proud of brand new work piece you have just finished, and of course the excitement of Planning new personal projects for the future.

When i started retouching i was using poor quality images other models gave me to work on, But now working with freelance photographers, or using stock sites i’m aiming to create a more high end finish to my work, and from this i’ve started to create a new type of visual, a flawless but natural look to the image i’m working with.

Of course apart from the High end retouching side, I also wanted to create images you cannot capture with a lens. So i started to create abstract art pieces, and continued to improve my skills. I then after watching an array of movies thought that combining photography and cinematography would be a powerful combination, so i aimed on creating real life movie stills using a green screen, i purchased my camera and studio lights, gathered an array of props and outfits, and using a chromakey green screen i will start creating my movie stills. i spent hours digitally building film sets and put my actors in situations and scenarios that they would never be able to be in without being a feature film.  Create impossible angles, outrageous action scenes, beautiful scenery, Any idea or concept is only limited by imagination, anything is possible and i’m all out to create the impossible, and show something more than just photography.

So i guess if you have made it this far down the page, it wasn’t to boring and I would like to thank you for your time, i hope you like my work and maybe look forward to working with you in the future so please add my facebook group in the bottom right hand corner for more updates on future projects.



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